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Shipping Services

shipping services

MiniMoves Logistics offers an international door-to-door shipping services that is reliable and affordable. Our project manager will meet with you to discuss every aspect of our worldwide process before we agree on a detailed plan for your business needs!

MiniMoves has been in the business of shipping services since 2003 and our MiniMoves include experienced packers that will come to your home to professionally pack your belongings for transport. Our MiniMoves will even load everything into one of our trucks and drive it to your new location. We have offices across the country so we can help you with your long-distance move no matter where you’re going. Give MiniMoves a call today for a free quote on your shipping services needs!

Shipping services at a glance…


We’re good at logistics – give us a call to arrange a no obligation consultation

Baggage Shipping Services

Shipping is a complex process, but we have you covered. Whether your shipment requires special attention due to its size or destination – like Africa and South America- our specialist staff will make sure that every detail gets handled with care by using the best transportation methods for each region based on what’s needed in any given situation!

MiniMoves door to door shipping services includes

MiniMoves’ shipping specialist has over 12 years’ experience of baggage shipping and has managed in excess of 12,000 consignments.

Trade Shipping Services

MiniMoves has been shipping goods all over the world since 2003. Our team of experts will work closely with you to find out what type and where in your area is best for delivering a shipment, as well as how many days it’ll take us (or another company) to get there! We have relationships not just within this country but also internationally so that we can offer tailored solutions depending on where exactly they need things shipped too – be sure to ask us about any specific requirements or concerns at MiniMoves!!

Fine Art Shipping

MiniMoves has specialist fine art packers who follow the exacting standards required by the some of the regions’ most prolific fine art dealers and auctioneers.

We use best-practice packing methods and materials including manufacturing bespoke containers with cut-to-fit foam impact protection

MiniMoves fine art removals service is used by artists, sculptors, galleries, dealers, and private buyers.

Vehicle Shipping

We can ship your vehicle to anywhere in Europe and beyond. Our experienced shipping specialist will advise you as to the best shipping solution available.

MiniMoves shipping specialist can ship vehicles, boats on trailers plant and equipment to and from almost anywhere in the world. For clients wishing to import vehicles into the UK then we can arrange for you.

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