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Removals Cheltenham

If you’re planning a removals Cheltenham move, Gloucestershire, or the surrounding area, then you’ll need to find a reputable removals company to take care of your belongings. House removals can be a stressful and complicated process, but with the help of a professional team, it can be much simpler. 

At MiniMoves Removals Cheltenham, we have years of experience, helping people move to and from Cheltenham. We can take care of all the details of your move, from packing and loading your belongings onto our trucks, to transport and delivery. 

We can even provide storage options if you need somewhere to keep your belongings while you’re settling into your new home. Contact us today for a free quote, and let us take the stress out of your house removals.

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Are you looking for a removals company in Cheltenham?

MiniMoves is a family-owned business that provides premium service for all clients. We offer local moves, which means we’ll be there to take care of all your household’s furniture and items – as well any large appliances like refrigerators or washing machines! The great thing about using our company? You can rest assured knowing they’ve got plenty experience with moving everything from one home location onto another without breaking anything.

Our Cheltenham Removals company is a family-owned company that promises to go above and beyond for their clients. They offer an extensive service, with dedicated team members who take pride in each task from start (packing) until finish (moving).

Removals Cheltenham - Picking the right one

Site Visits Getting a Quote.

Be confident in our quote when we visit the property you are moving from and conduct a survey. This free service will provide us with information about access, parking spaces available as well heavy or awkward items needing specialist handling that might need transportation during your move – this helps ensure accurate pricing for most jobs! In order to make sure you have a seamless transition, our staff will always visit both the property that’s being left behind and then new home when possible. If this isn’t doable for some reason or another – we’ll often carry out an access survey using google maps and street view before moving day arrives!

Planning ahead, for your move in the Cheltenham area

Always plan ahead when hiring a house removal company. Make sure that they provide an estimate with all the details about what will happen on your move day, such as potential access issues or difficult items in their inventory list; this way you can avoid costly delays due to unexpectedly discovered problems before it happens!

Tips on choosing a removals company..

Packing Services & Supplies

We’ve had a lot of experience in this field, which means we know what works best for customers who want their move done right from start to finish – be it with our specially designed boxes or protection materials like blankets and bubble wrap! If you’re doing all your own unpacking but need help getting set up at home again afterwards just let us know so that way when it comes time clean-up there’ll only ever been one team involved.

Leave the packing to us

If you need to take some time off work, but can’t. We can always help with that. MiniMoves have a team of expert packers who are very experienced in packing and protecting valuable items as well as bulky ones; they’ll come by your home, before removal day so everything is packed up tight!

Make sure your removals company has experience in packing valuable items

We have got a reputation in Cheltenham for being able to handle very specialist items. We’ve been trusted with pipe organs, planes, artwork and priceless antiques to name a few. Make sure you ask any perspective removals company about previous packing jobs. They should be able to give you examples to demonstrate their experience and competence with highly valuable items.

Furniture Protection

If you’re looking for the best removal company, look no further than our team! We use either foam blankets or cotton/wool wraps to protect your furniture from any damage that may occur during transport and then wrap it in industrial cling film before sending off on their journey. Many ‘Man and Van’ services don’t care about delivering a great service; however we take pride in offering an efficient solution with protection all around – which is why so many clients come back again when they need a relocation services

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When you’re hiring a house removal company, it’s important that they protect your items during transport. Look at the picture of their vans on site – are those vehicles packed full or does it seems like there might be room to move something? If so then take note! You want everything secure and safe before loading into these trucks because if not bad luck will surely follow closely behind…

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