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Office Relocation

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A service that our team is mastering throughout the years is office relocation. Hence, we help businesses relocate in and around Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Stroud, Bristol, Malvern, and Cirencester.

One of the services completing in a short time is office relocation. So, we can guarantee business owners the quickest move with the least disruption. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you are transferring your office within the same building, to another state or to country.

office relocation

Office Relocation Service

Office Relocation Survey

We don’t set our prices randomly. Instead, our relocation manager will visit your office, conduct an in-depth survey, and charge the detailed quotations. Moreover, the office relocation survey is free of charge. Therefore, whether you went for MiniMoves’ services or not, you will not need to pay a penny. Surely, it will be our pleasure to get to know our potential clients in person for all cases.

Office Relocation

Excellent planning and preparation prevent poor performance. Because that is our company’s golden rule of thumb, it implements in all of our moves so far. Liam Hagon, the manager of MiniMoves, is in charge of planning and supervising office relocation projects. So, Liam and his trained team will cooperate in developing a sufficient plan for the smoothest relocations.

Office Relocation at Evenings & Weekends

We recognize that office work hours are essential to business owners. Therefore, we are unwilling to sacrifice even 30 minutes of our clients’ work time. Firstly, set the day and time. Finally, give us a call. Therefore, even if we need to work at midnight or on a Sunday morning, we are always ready! Furthermore, we are prepared to provide relocation and moving services as soon as possible to prevent disruption of your workflow. Hence, Minimoves never stop to work, until we are confident that our clients receive the most convenient services.

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Office Relocation Project Management

Liam, the professional and friendly manager of MiniMoves, is a hard-bitten expert. Moreover, he has spent many years planning the arrangements of business movements since founding of our company. Therefore, Liam will be your constant point of contact and oversee the entire moving process from start to finish. So he will keep in touch with all relevant personnel before, during, and after the relocation. Hence, the manager and his carefully selected staff will provide the most stress-free and timely service.

Experienced Office Relocation Team


Our effective leader, Liam, is combining his long years of experience in planning logistics and responsible practical involvement. Hence, establishes the dream team. What motivates the MiniMoves team? Outstanding leadership, superior training, above-average salaries, strong team culture, commitment to maintaining high service and customer care standards.

Dismantling and Packing

For business owners, time is money. Our team has developed sufficient dismantling and packing strategies to maintain the office’s productivity. We start by packing all unnecessary items that employees won’t even notice they went missing. We’ll keep an inventory of all items while packing them.

In addition, we label all boxes appropriately to facilitate the unloading process in the new location as efficiently as possible. Breakable items such as screens, computers, etc., receive the most attentive packing and transport according to the industry’s best practices. Most importantly, we discuss the process with our clients ahead.


Time is of the essence, and minimizing disruption is our number one goal. So, the unpacking and re-assembling will be done following the plan you, Liam, and the team have already prepared. We arrive at the new location with a coherent strategy to put the plan into action. So we get job done at a glimpse.

Specialist IT Relocation Service

We have a dedicated team of IT relocation specialists who can alleviate the stress of any workplace transfer. MiniMoves provides a wide range of IT services based on the needs of your IT department. Richie or David Lane oversees our IT relocations.

Comprehensive Insurance

We have worked with some of the most knowledgeable insurance brokers in the UK. Basil Fry has over fifty years of experience in the removals and storage industry. Hence, making them the most dependable company for creating insurance policies to offer businesses unique cover. You can acquire insurance coverage for the transfer in advance. Moreover, we are happy to connect the client with Basil Fry to plan a custom insurance coverage.

Local Storage

MiniMoves works with various commercial storage providers in Cheltenham, Malvern, Cirencester and Bristol. Therefore, we offer a wide range of storage facilities at flexible rates.

Moreover, all facilities are fully secure with advanced security systems including password-protected entry, CCTV and individually alarmed storage space.

Our Recycling & Disposal Policy

You can donate or dispose unwanted furniture and items in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Therefore, first, we contact schools, charities, and small businesses that we believe might benefit from such things. If no one shows interest, we will ship these items to recycling facilities, where they will be broken up.

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